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Wildflower Solera Pull #4 - Tasting Notes

We are excited to announce that Wildflower Solera Pull #4 will be available at our cellar door and online (at 2pm) on 7 June 2019.

Solera is a spelt beer aged in foudre. It’s recipe is similar to our Gold except raw spelt is exchanged for raw wheat. We took the fourth pull of half the volume of our 2,400 litre foudre on February 14th 2019 and packaged it, unblended, on the same day. The foudre was then filled again with a single batch of the same freshly fermented spelt based beer. We will be taking successive pulls of this large barrel every four-to-six months.

Opening aromas of warm nose of brown spices, citrus and grains lifted by soft yet distinct savoury oak. The palate is full and weighty. Orange citrus winds through the entire palate, upfront as preserved citrus but finishing as juicy mandarin. A wonderful balance of textual aged beer and seamless flavoursome acidity. A noticeable change in expression for Solera. A harmonious expression of texture, power and acidity. 

The base beer is brewed entirely with New South Wales cereals: NSW grown Gairdner ale malt from Providence Malt and raw spelt thanks to Voyager Craft Malt. It is made with filtered Sydney water, Motueka (NZ) and Saaz (CZ) hops. Finally, it was fermented with our house culture of brewers yeast, foraged wild yeast and naturally occurring souring bacteria native to New South Wales. It was bottled on February 14 2019 and naturally conditioned through refermentation for 16 weeks. At packaging Solera Pull #4 was 5.0% ABV and 1.1°P (FG = 1.004 SG).

Like all our beers, Solera Pull #4 is best enjoyed when decanted off a settled natural yeast sediment at cellar temperatures (10-12°C). Please note that Pull #4 is carbonated to a slightly lower rate than normal for us to increase the mouthfeel. It should not be served overly chilled.