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St Phoebe 2022: Mariposa Moonacres, St Walter 2022: Black Muscat, Gold #38 and Good as Gold #18 release Friday 3 Feb.

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11-13 Brompton Street
Marrickville, NSW 2204

Please direct domestic wholesale inquires to Proudly imported into New Zealand by Dan Gillet of Wine Diamonds NZ.

For information on our opening hours or if you would like to visit us for a Tour & Tasting Session, please visit our Cellar Door/Events page.

Our Beer

We are primarily focused on fermenting our beers with a diverse culture of brewers yeast, wild yeasts and bacteria. Known in the brewing industry as mixed fermentation, we have developed a house culture with yeasts foraged from New South Wales that we experiment with and learn from on a daily basis. Due to our commitment to these types of fermentations, our beer-making process is greatly altered in order to allow these wild yeasts to express themselves in a positive way. Foremost among these practices is the blending of new and old barrel aged beer in order to highlight the complexity in flavour these wild yeasts naturally create.

Over time, we will highlight certain aspects of our process and talk about them in great detail, explaining why we do them and what differences they make in our product. These writeups will feature on our blog in an ongoing series.

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About Us

Topher Boehm - Brewer and co-founder

Topher is an obsessive learner and inquirer who seeks educational opportunities in every aspect of culture. He wants to create the beers he loves to drink and share them with friends. He is also ardent about sensory experiences, seeking gastronomic food and wine to challenge and develop his palate. After spending 4 years as a professional brewer in Sydney, Topher travelled extensively to Europe and his native Texas learning old-world techniques necessary to successfully make wild, mixed fermentation beers. He hopes that Wildflower will inspire makers and tinkerers to utilise their immediate surrounds to craft beautiful things.

Chris Allen - Co-founder

The other co-founder of Wildflower is Chris, an experienced corporate lawyer with a serious red beard.  Chris runs the business side of the brewery, allowing Topher to focus on the beer making and creative aspects of Wildflower. While he holds a more hands-off role in the day-to-day brewing operations of Wildflower, Chris is the guiding compass by which the brewery keeps course.  Topher and Chris are brothers-in-law and their complementing skill sets (and love of all things beer) make for a great partnership.