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APRIL RELEASES: Village 2022, Zibeerbo '22, Common Ground Autumn Ale: Harvest 2020, Serenity #4, Gold #39 and Bumbershoot.

Early release on THURSDAY 6 APRIL AT 12PM (AEST).

April beer box now available.

Organic Table Beer #13

Wildflower Organic Table Beer #13 is now available online and for tasting and take-away/collection at our cellar door.

A low alcohol, highly drinkable house ale which is 100% can conditioned.

Topher's production notes

It would have been easy to miss at our November release, so if you did... we have some news...OTB is in 375ml cans.

Over the course of last year, we decided to usurp the 440ml cans for 375ml. There were a few reasons but chief among them IMO was the fact that when you are outside, a 440ml of table beer tends to get a little flat and warm by the end of the can. The carbonation of this beer is incredibly important for it's palate perception. Yes it's 2.9% abv, but the bursting carb makes the beer feel fuller that this... it's a trick of the style really. So in 440, you would miss that at the end, I thought. Also we wanted to be able to offer 4 packs at 4 pack prices and 375ml let us do that. So if it's been a minute since you checked the price, check again.

I'm actually proud to offer a beer made with wholly organic ingredients, including regenerative NSW grain and fermented with a diversity of yeast and bacteria wholly foraged from flowers here in NSW at the price we are. Maybe it's taboo to talk about price, but that's at the core of this beer, an everyday product at everyday prices, yet brimming of integrity. Table loaf, table wine, table beer.

Luke's tasting notes

Earthy lemon barley and lifted sweet citrus. Deeper colour. Bright and well carbonated, showing soft grain characters and bursting pithy citrus. Streamlined, pleasantly bitter and wonderfully refreshing.


2.9% ABV, 375ml cans, 0.85 standard drinks.
Malt: Regenerative organic Schooner barley and wheat from Coleambally, NSW.
Hops: Certified organic Motueka from Nelson, New Zealand.

Certified Organic by SXC Certified.

Please see the specific product page for can quantities and limits.