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St Phoebe 2022: Mariposa Moonacres, St Walter 2022: Black Muscat, Gold #38 and Good as Gold #18 release Friday 3 Feb.

February beer box lite now available.

Introducing Solera Pull #1

Next Friday, June 1 we are releasing Solera at our cellar door and online store at 1pm.

Solera is a 30% NSW raw spelt beer fermented with our house culture and aged in foudre. It’s recipe is similar to our Gold except raw wheat is exchanged for raw spelt. We brewed a double batch of solera on December 14th 2017 to fill our new (to us) 2,400 litre foudre. It fermented in oak and aged there until 21 February 2018 when we emptied half the and packaged as Pull #1. The foudre was then filled again with a single batch of the same freshly fermented spelt based beer. We will be taking successive pulls of this large barrel and are excited to watch the development of these pulls as the beer inside continually and eventually blends itself. Because we get less a chance to intervene and blend ourselves, Solera appears more tart than our Gold and Amber blends and has a distinctly unique body. At packaging Solera was 5.0% ABV and 1.6°P (FG = 1.007 SG).

It's house culture aromas of mandarin and white pepper are supported by robust earthy grain aromas. The palate is delicate and lively with clean lines of meyer lemon and rustic cereals. A long sour finish is balanced by the earthy funk and creamy carbonation.

Like all our beers, Solera is best enjoyed when decanted off a settled natural yeast sediment at cellar temperatures (10-12°C).