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Au Baron, Fantôme and Thiriez collab beers release Friday 13 January.

Distinctly Perceived 2021

Distinctly Perceived 2021 will be available online and for take-away/collection from 12pm (Sydney time) on Friday 4 February 2022.

I'm really happy with this second release of Distinctly Perceived, a barrel aged ale made with white wine grape pomace. First made in 2019 using Chardonnay pomace from Murray Smith, this was an extremely well received beer marrying the tannins and fruit character of direct press white wine skins with the acid and texture of our barrel aged beer. This 2021 release is a blend of ales fermented separately on Riesling and Viognier pomace organically grown by Bryan Martin at Ravensworth as well as organic Semillon pomace from M&J Becker. And lastly, a hint of Zibibbo pomace from Ricca Terra via Sam Leyshon at Mallaluka in Murrumbateman. Tasting notes are below but I believe the blend of what these skins had to offer has lended to a more harmonious drink in the end... with the macerated Riesling and Viognier characters taking centre stage.

Chase is here with this beer as its one that somewhat marks his time at Wildflower as that comes to an end. The day of its release happens now to be his final day at Wildflower before heading back to the US for good. What was a two month trip has turned into two years now and we have to say he has taken it all in stride. During our first lockdown I recall sharing a bottle of the 2019 release of this beer with Chase and remarking how much he enjoyed the spice/dried seed character from the skins. Its kind of fun that as it happens, his final day is one where we release a vintage he had a part of.

This release has a huge fruit nose, melon, musk sticks, ginger with a noticeable skinsy element of herbaceous, dry spice that plays wonderfully amongst the fruit. Nicely structured palate with the phenolic element present but in balance. Pear and cider, cooked citrus and stone fruit carry the palate, a woody spice gives length while the finish is clean and flavorsome.

The process of this beer is far too burdensome to pen here, but essentially involves many many hours in the car picking up fruit or skins from these various producers and bringing them back to Wildflower to be married with beer (aged and fresh) for multiple months before their final blending. I apologise for not being able to recall all the details. We bottled it on 22 September 2021 and allowed it to naturally condition in bottle until release.

Like all our beers, Distinctly Perceived 2021 is best enjoyed when decanted off a settled natural yeast sediment at cellar temperatures (10-12°C).

Please see the specific product page for bottle quantities and limits.