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St Phoebe 2022: Mariposa Moonacres, St Walter 2022: Black Muscat, Gold #38 and Good as Gold #18 release Friday 3 Feb.

February beer box lite now available.

Collective 2020 memberships now open

UPDATE @ 3.15PM - All the memberships spots have now been filled. Thank you to those supporters who decided to join, we look forward to an exciting year of releases ahead. Our sincerest apologies to those who we were not able to accommodate. Once again we are overwhelmed by the interest and support in our little project.


We are very excited to announce the third opportunity to join The Collective.

Memberships to the Collective are now available through our online shop here. For 2020, we have an additional 30 spots available.

The Collective is an annual membership based society created in order for us at Wildflower to work on experimental beers and share them with a small number of supporters to receive feedback and potentially confidence for wider release. Each member's initial and upfront purchase of the beer gives us the assurance and means to play with new ingredients, blends and techniques that may not be commercially viable on a larger scale.

The word "collective" stems from the Latin word collectus from collegere meaning both 'to gather' and 'together'. It is defined by a group dedicated to a certain purpose. We have given the program this name in order to embody and encapsulate the etymology and meaning of the word. As a group, the Wildflower Collective will meet at the end of each year for a bottle share and overall celebration of the year that was. Perhaps more importantly, we have established the Collective for passionate individuals who share our conviction to explore further the flavour possibilities of Australian Wild Ales.

In 2020, members will receive ten experimental Collective-only unique beers. These beers will be shipped to each member over the course of the year in four separate shipments.

New for this next edition of the Collective, these beers will have their own unique label and artwork. Once again, Collective only beers will not be available at our cellar door or domestic events/festivals and the only time they will be seen outside the Collective is for overseas events or festivals, the purpose of which is to showcase our most innovative beers. Similarly, we will aim to have additional bottles of each beer available for purchase by Collective members and to also offer members some smaller bottlings for internal Collective releases.  Shipment dates will also coincide with non-Collective beer releases so once again, members will have the opportunity to buy other Wildflower beers and have these shipped with your Collective beers to avoid additional shipping costs. 

Each member will also receive a specially branded glass (the one in the photo, a 400ml Willie Beecher), an offer to purchase tickets to our end-of-year bottle share and first right of refusal for membership to the Collective in 2021.

We are proud to confirm that Collective memberships for 2020 will once again be $350.

What's included in the Collective membership

  • 10 unique, Collective only beers.
  • Ability to purchase additional bottles of each beer, subject to availability, at each shipment of Collective beers.
  • Access to additional internal Collective-only release beers.
  • Invitation to join the member-moderated Collective only Facebook group. 
  • One piece of glassware made specifically and exclusively for Collective members.
  • Free shipping for all 10 beers in four separate shipments throughout the year. The shipments will be in February, May, July and October. The February shipment will also include your glassware.
  • Invitation and offer to purchase tickets to our end-of-year bottle share to be held at Wildflower in November 2020. 
  • First right of refusal to 2021 membership.

Membership terms

  • The Collective is only open to members with an Australian shipping address.
  • Memberships are non-transferrable and cannot be cancelled or refunded once purchased.
  • Only one annual membership can be purchased per person.
  • Members must be 18 years or older.
  • Beer will be shipped to all members via AusPost standard shipping from our cellar door in Marrickville. Recipients of deliveries must be 18 years or older. 


  • Why 180 spots?
    We will continue to make a similar volume of Collective beers in 2020 as we did in 2019. However, this means there will likely be less additional bottles available for sale when the beers are released. Whilst the overall number of members is still relatively small, we have fielded considerable interest from the wider public in becoming Collective members and we have made 30 new spots available to include some of those who have waited patiently for spots to open up.
  • What are the Collective only beers?
    Without being too secretive, we can't give too much away about what beers will be apart of the 2020 edition of the Collective.
  • Will there be any other chance to get the Collective beers outside of the Membership?
    No, not in Australia. We will not be tapping or serving any of the Collective only beers at our cellar door or any domestic events. From time to time, we may send some of the Collective beers to overseas events or festivals to showcase our most innovative beers.
  • When can I expect to receive my beers?
    We will send the beers in 4 shipments throughout the year in February, May, July and October.
  • What is the end-of-year bottle share?
    A chance for all of us in the Collective to come together as the year draws to an end to meet, chat, eat and taste. We will bring out a number of things (wine and beer) from our cellar that we have been given or have from the past and members are encouraged to bring along something they have been waiting for the right moment to open. There will be a small fee to attend the evening to cover food etc, as well as to not penalise members who cannot attend.
  • Can I buy a membership for someone else as a gift?  
    Yes! Just put the lucky person's name and address in the delivery details section when buying the membership online. 
  • Can I choose which beers are included? 
    No - as a member of the Collective, you will be receiving 10 Collective specific beers which are being brewed only for Collective members and won't be available to the public. 
  • Can I buy a particular Collective only beer in larger quantities?  
    We will aim to have additional bottles of each Collective beer in 2020 available for purchase by members. These extra bottles are not guaranteed, nor are the quantities. Additional bottles will be released for sale before each shipment so they can catch a ride with your included bottles. 
  • Can I cancel my membership? 
    Due to the investment in brewing Collective-only beers, a membership can't be cancelled or refunded once purchased.