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APRIL RELEASES: Village 2022, Zibeerbo '22, Common Ground Autumn Ale: Harvest 2020, Serenity #4, Gold #39 and Bumbershoot.

Early release on THURSDAY 6 APRIL AT 12PM (AEST).

April beer box now available.

Amended Cellar Door Operations, Starting Wed 18 Mar

Dear family and friends of Wildflower

I'm writing to y’all today to inform you of some precautionary measures we will be commencing at the brewery in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. The health and safety of our visitors, staff, their families and our local and wider communities are of extreme importance to us at this time. We have a number of immediate family members working in the medical field, and wish to aid in our way to the flattening of the spread of this virus. We feel that limiting unnecessary social contact is a step in the right direction to potentially ease the rate at which infections are spread and as a result slow the almost certain pressure so many medical workers and facilities will face in the times ahead. 

We do not wish for our beautiful little cellar door space on Brompton St to become a vector from where this virus could spread and have chosen to close our cellar door for tastings from now until after the Easter period. We would hope to reopen for tastings on Friday 17 April, but will re-assess this at the time. During this period, all tours and events will also be cancelled. Whilst these measures will have an impact on our business, our staff will still be working and employed as usual during this period with the exception of conducting tastings on Fridays and Saturdays.  

To make sure you can still enjoy your favourite Wildflower beers during this time, we’ve introduced a new 'Collect at Wildflower' option on our website. So, you can order your beer online, stop by the brewery any Wednesday through Saturday from 12 noon to 4pm and collect your pre-prepared bottles. If you come by without making an online order, we will have an order form that you can fill out which we will pack, bring back to you and process a contactless (card only please) transaction without leaving your car/bike. Markings on the street out front will make it clear how to collect and queue (if necessary). We genuinely appreciate your help in upholding a high level of social cleanliness while still being able to enjoy your favourite Wildflower beer.

Our online ordering is still open as normal for y’all and we will ship out beer as frequently as possible. We've been advised that AusPost services are still operating as normal but with additional measures being implemented to help protect both AusPost customers and delivery staff. 

As there is not much beer up online at the moment, we will be bringing forward our April releases two weeks to this Friday 20 March. More on this to come.

We are coming into what will be a very trying time for many independent businesses but especially those who rely on face-to-face customer interaction. Where able, please remember to support small, local independent businesses. Ordering takeout from your favourite restaurant, or maybe purchasing a gift card now for a special occasion later, these small acts will help keep afloat the hospitality industry we love during these strange times. 

Thank you as always for your support and understanding. Lots of love y’all. And don't forget to wash your hands!

topher and chris