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St Abigail 2020, Gold Blend #28, Amber Blend #28, Good as Gold Blend #10 release Friday 2 October @ 12noon.

Wildflower Waratah 2017

Wildflower Waratah 2017



Waratah will be released online at 9am on 21 October 2017.  

Please note, there is a 4 bottle limit per person.


For more notes and to read the story of Waratah, please see our corresponding blog post.

Waratah is a collaboration between Ryefield Hops (Bemboka, NSW), Voyager Craft Malt (Whitton, NSW), Batch Brewing Co (Sydney, NSW) and Wildflower Brewing & Blending. To our knowledge, Waratah is the first commercially available beer made entirely of New South Wales ingredients.

Tasting Waratah you can expect Fuggle hop spice aromatics of fennel and herbs de Provence combined with Cascade grapefruit notes. These give way to hints of cut hay and raw barley that provide a intensely lifted and expressive nose.

The palate is concise, yet defined. Earthy summer fields and clean citrus lines create a wonderful refreshing palate with complementing funk providing weight and depth.