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Spelt Beer

Spelt Beer


A simple grain forward beer reminiscent of the working ales of Wallonia. 

Release Date Bottle Details
ABV °P Cellaring
12pm, 6 May 2022 75cl 4.6% 9.7 5 years 

Spelt Beer is mashed cool with organic malted Schooner barley and organic raw spelt from Woodstock Flour, boiled with a hefty dose of AU Pride of Ringwood and fermented with our house mixed culture derived entirely of native yeast and bacteria found on native flowers in NSW.  

Spelt Beer Batch #1 will be released at 12pm (Sydney time) on Friday 6 May 2022.  

Tasting Notes: All grains and hop… earthy and rustic, cut grass and tilled earth, bready and spicy with a whiff of funk. Old citrus floats around at the periphery. A dry and refreshing palate. Mild citrus core, sort of a witbier feel, with a bitterness that lengthens the palate giving a stoney coolness and earthy mineral edge. The bitterness is palpable, lasting and cleansing. 

For full production and tasting notes, please see our corresponding blog post.