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Rose Gold 2021

Rose Gold 2021

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Rose Gold 2021 is a golden barrel aged Australian Wild Ale refermented and macerated with whole, fresh sour Morello cherries from Thornbrook Orchard in Nashdale, NSW.

Now it comes to one of our favourite beers to release. Destemmed cherries and Gold. We really pushed the maceration this year and allowed the fruit to referment with beer for 7 months before racking off. Internally, we were interested to see how long it would take to develop the marzipan nuttiness from the pips. We continued to taste the ferment as it aged and found that 6-7 months has done the trick.

As the base, we found barrel 1811, a year-old barrel of Gold in the cellar from our 53rd batch of Gold. Interestingly, this was the same barrel used to make Millions of Peaches, Nectarines for Free 2020 and St Phoebe 2019... seemingly a barrel whose flavours lend themselves to fruit.

At release, we find the beer has Pinot esq notes, red creaming soda, woody pinot on the nose. Strawberry on the palate, marzipan at the end. Cherry coming heavy quite late. Effervescent.

The photo on this label is a section of our lovely wooden doors at the back of the brewery.


Each member will receive 1 x 750ml bottle of Rose Gold as part of their membership.

We have an additional 67 x 750ml bottles available for Collective members to purchase on a first come basis from 11am (Sydney time) on Friday 1 October. There is a limit of 2 bottles per member. 


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