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Au Baron, Fantôme and Thiriez collab beers release Friday 13 January.

Roadcider 2021

Roadcider 2021


Dry cider made in friendship by Lucien Alperstein and Topher at Wildflower in Autumn 2021.  

Release Date Bottle Details
ABV °P Cellaring
12pm, 4 February 2022 75cl 6.0% n/a
5 years + 

Made from wild-growing roadside apples and pears picked in the NSW Southern Highlands by Lucien, Justin, Mem and Topher. Apples were sweated before milling and commencing fermentation on their skins before pressing to barrel to complete fermentation and maturation for 5 months before bottling. Utterly delicious cider. Quite a small bottling and a special project to undertake.

Tasting Notes: Dark apple and apple blossom aromas. Skinsy notes give lovey lift. Spicy herbal notes, lime, mint and green apple flavours dominate. Well carbonated with a gentle phenolic grip that is ultimately refreshing as can be.  

150 bottles available - limit 4 per person.