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Monthly Beer Box - July 2023

Monthly Beer Box - July 2023

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A monthly subscription box containing 6 x 750ml bottles always with one of each of our newest releases and a 4 pack of Organic Table Beer or House. Just enough beer to last until next month. So it's there when you need it.

July 2023 Beer Box: A lovely box this month featuring an AP Bakery collab beer, a delicious Gold blend, fresh tins of OTB and some absolute gems from the cellar. But before we get to the goodies in this month's box, we wanted to say a big thank you to our beer box subscribers. Your continued and generous support of our little family business is truly appreciated and it's been a real pleasure to not only share new beers with you each month but also lots of fun for us choosing which beers from the cellar also feature in each month's box. 

Speaking of beer, the first cab off the rank is Anchovy Toast, a collaborative beer made with A.P Bakery bread which we brewed with our dear friend Matt Storm of the legendary Seattle beer bar, The Masonry, and his brewery Fast Fashion. To make this ale, we mashed regenerative organic grains over 150 rescued loaves A.P had from the commissioning of their new Marrickville oven, clarified the wort through wheat straw and boiled with Fast Fashion's proprietary hop named 'Anchovy' (because it goes well with pizza) grown by Segal Hop Ranch in Yakima. Vegan friendly, no fish were harmed in the making of this beer.
Next up is a new blend of Gold and if you were going to wash a cheese with a beer.......This blend has amazing vibrancy and energy with a great acidity that really keeps the vinous flavours in balance.  And the third new beer is a fresh batch of Organic Table Beer. According to Luke, this is the best OTB off the new brewhouse with a great balance of primary fermentation characteristics and funk. Very, very flavoursome. 

And from the cellar, we have pulled out St Phoebe 2022: Ebony Sun plum, Good as Gold Blend #19, Ashes to Ashes 2023 and Amber Blend #39. Overall, a very nice box indeed and once again, outstanding value.

The July beer box will be released online on Saturday 1 July 2023. It will be available for collection from the cellar door from 12pm (AEST) on Friday 7 July and we will start shipping boxes the following Monday 10 July onwards.  

4 pack of Organic Table Beer #14 - 4x375ml cans

1 x Anchovy Toast - 750ml bottle
1 x Gold Blend #40 - 750ml bottle
1 x St Phoebe 2022: Ebony Sun plum - 750ml bottle
1 x Amber Blend #39 - 750ml bottle
1 x Ashes to Ashes 2023 - 750ml bottle
1 x Good as Gold Blend #19 - 750ml bottle


Veggie box, meat box.... beer box. Compelled by the fact that all the fruit, eggs, veg and meat we eat at home is delivered to my door, without having to think about it, and loving the fact that it forces me to cook & eat with the seasons and with the extra benefit that all this produce is highly ethically sourced by Shane at The Vege Box and by Feather and Bone... people, provenance and businesses I want to support... oh and mix that up that a number of our winemaker friends who nag (in a loving way) us for monthly shipments of our beer to keep their fridges stocked... Here you have it, a Wildflower Beer Box.

By subscribing, we'll pack up a box each month containing a 4 pack of Organic Table Beer or House and six 750ml bottles. Easily pause, skip, cancel, change address, whatever you need, using your customer portal, which you'll setup after your first order. You can also just purchase this monthly mixed pack one-off. Shipping anywhere in Australia is included.

We will update this page leading into the release each month to give you a heads up about what will be featuring in the upcoming box.

Extra Detail
- The six included bottles will always have a bottle each of that month's release from least available to most available, meaning you'll never miss out on new beers. This is ensured for subscribers of the beer box while purchasers of one-off boxes may have substitutes based on availability of bottles post release. Any substitutes will be reflected on the product page.
- If we release less than six new 750ml bottles in a month, we will choose a bottle(s) from our cellar to fill up your monthly allocation. 
- Your account will be automatically charged on the first of the month.


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