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Au Baron, Fantôme and Thiriez collab beers release Friday 13 January.

Millions of Peaches, Nectarines for Free 2020

Millions of Peaches, Nectarines for Free 2020

Millions of Peaches, Nectarines for Free 2020


Well, what can we say... a favourite of both the team here and the Collective alike, we had to do this again.

Like last year, we sourced very fresh tree ripened yellow nectarines (Rose Diamond varietal this year) from Yarralee Orchard just outside Bathurst, NSW (the same origin as the plumcots for Kernel Stone). The fruit came down the day before the cherry explosion so it was a busy few days. Instead of pitting them though this year, we opted to simply split the flesh of the fruit and allow for the full refermentation/maceration to last a good while and let time do the breaking-down work. On 27 December, we racked barrel 1811 of 12 month old Gold onto the fruit where it stayed until mid March 2020.

This year's version backs up on a good release last year. Admittedly Luke and I get a little more tropical fruit than last year, a very bright beer. At release it will have been in bottle for nearly 5 months and it is tidy... if you recall from last year, a few more months will repay you well.


Each member will receive 1 x 750ml bottle of Millions of Peaches, Nectarines for Free as part of their membership.

We have an additional 90 x 750ml bottles, as well as 6 x 1.5 litre magnums, available for Collective members to purchase on a first come basis from 12pm (Sydney time) on Friday 7 August. There is no limit on 750ml bottles but a 1 bottle limit per person on the magnums.