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Field Work: Spitfire Wheat

Field Work: Spitfire Wheat

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Field Work: Spitfire Wheat is an experimental ale which aims to highlight the characteristics a single, unique varietal of wheat brings to our beer.     

Release Date Bottle Details
ABV °P Cellaring
12pm, 2 December 2022 75cl  5% 10.0 5 years + 


Field Work: Spitfire Wheat aims to highlight the characteristics a single, unique varietal of wheat brings to our beer. We brewed this beer by replacing the red wheat in our Gold recipe with 'Spitfire’ wheat, a steely high protein hard wheat. Fermented with our house culture containing a diversity of yeasts and bacteria collected from native flowers from NSW then transferred into ex-wine oak barrels for 16 months maturation before blending and bottling where it rested for conditioning and natural carbonation until release.

"The difference is visible in the glass with this beer. A stunning light straw colour almost reminiscent of table beer. Leads with an elegant nose of subtle citrus fruit. A totally different mouthfeel to any other Wildflower beer I've tasted. Big, bold, plush palate - the fuller body restricting the acid and showing light bitterness. A really fascinating beer." - Meesh.

80 bottles available online - limit 4 per person.

For full production and tasting notes, please see our corresponding blog post.


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