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Wildflower x Lucy M - Sour Grapes

Wildflower x Lucy M - Sour Grapes

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A special day not to be forgotten. Earlier this year, I spent a day in the Adelaide Hills cooking up some Organic Table Beer for Lucy M wines. It was a bit of a whirlwind and if I can, a pretty unique little project. We made OTB wort as we always do, with organic hops and grains, but this time with spring water from Uraidla brewery…. Nothing else… Water, grain, hops. Also different this time was that the wort didn't see our house culture of yeast and bacteria from native flowers… instead the wort was thrown directly into a fibreglass fermenter of destemmed, actively fermenting Sauvignon Blanc to start this thing. We also added a few kg of fresh hops we picked during the brewing to the ferment.

It’s a real harvest sort of thing and I can’t lie, I'm pretty honoured to do something like this. Organic grain, organic hops, well water and organic grapes… combined all at once to make something together.

I’ve long been inspired by Anton’s dedication to organics and honesty in winemaking… it was a lovely day. A way of giving back to the community which has give so much inspiration to me.

The snakebite variant was blended with some fermented apples while the sangio variant is the same as the sauv b with some extra red juice. enjoy.

Snakebite - 6 bottles available online - limit 1 per person.

Sauvignon Blanc - 48 bottles available online - limit 1 per person.

Sangiovese - 6 bottles available online - limit 1 per person.


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