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Au Baron, Fantôme and Thiriez collab beers release Friday 13 January.

Wildflower Pheebs 2019

Wildflower Pheebs 2019

Wildflower Pheebs 2019


Pheebs is a Table Beer aged on the second use raspberries from St Phoebe 2019.

In a similar vein to Tom, we decided to test out this year macerating a portion of a fresh batch of Table Beer on the the spent raspberries from Phoebe. After 3 months of maceration and fermentation, the 360kg of raspberries from St Phoebe were separated in mid-April with the 3 barrels of aged Gold they had been hanging out with. 200 litres of freshly fermented Table Beer was racked into the same tank and allowed to further age and 'wash' the fruit for another 3 weeks. While there was very little colour pickup, the flavours of Pheebs are compelling. Very light and elegant perfumed aromatics, a complex nose of light raspberries with a structural, somewhat seedy, tart palate. Very worthwhile, this is a 3.5% ABV lightly fruited small sized treat. Very light carbonation yet energetic.

Pheebs is packaged in 750ml bottles and there are 120 bottles there is a limit of 3 bottles per person.