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Au Baron, Fantôme and Thiriez collab beers release Friday 13 January.

Wildflower Flo 2019

Wildflower Flo 2019

Wildflower Flo 2019


Flo is a Table Beer aged and fermented with the free run juice after the carbonic maceration of grapes from the making of St Florence 2019: Black Muscat.

This is a little technical to explain, but basically during a carbonic maceration some of the berries burst either from the internal fermentation pressure or from the weight of the grapes on top of them. These burst berries drop their juice to the bottom of the fermentation vessel and in our method of working with wine grapes, we discard of this 'free run' fermenting juice/wine before adding our barrel aged beer for the refermentation and maceration of the grapes for any number of months to make our 'St' beers.

To make Flo, however, we blended this free run juice with a young ferment of our Table beer in barrel and allowed the two to hang out together and get to know one another for 5 months in barrel before being bottled up. 4.1% ABV with skinsy black Muscat, lifted and pretty aromas. Tangerine and floral light palate. Easy does it.

Flo is packaged in 750ml bottles and there are 141 bottles available online and 72 at the cellar door. There is a limit of 4 bottles per person.