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Au Baron, Fantôme and Thiriez collab beers release Friday 13 January.

Straight to the Poolroom

Straight to the Poolroom will be available online and for take-away/collection from 12pm (Sydney time) on Friday 4 March 2022.

This is a bit of a fun beer that was conceptualised and brewed by Chase before he finished up at Wildflower. It's also a name I've been saving for a good while. The use of both chit malt, essentially severely under-modified malt, and aged hops, makes for a full and funky 5.6% beer.

Another edition in our #greenbottle offerings (essentially beers that focus more on hops and yeast rather than age and acid) and likely the last Castle reference for a while too. This beer is made with organic grains: malted barley, chit malt, malted wheat and malted oats. It was well hopped with aged Summer hop flowers (AUS), fresh Pride of Ringwood (AUS) and Motueka (NZ). After four months in bottle, it's a funky bitter number that reminds us a ton of the ales that got us into this style originating from southern Belgium.

Brewed in August 2021, Poolroom saw a sizeable addition of aged hops at the start of boil alongside the Pride of Ringwood... both really leaning in towards an earthy bitterness. We fermented it in stainless for three months before bottling. It was always a little tough to pin down, this ferment, and until it had three to four months to condition in bottle, I don't think it really knew what it was. It's come together in a wonderful way that reminds me of the balance I see in Wallonian saison.

At release this beer has an extremely funky, earthy nose with a broody herbal depth finally leading to lime, melon and fresh aromatic pineapple on the nose. The palate is broad. There’s real weight and substance. Earthy and grassy, gentle lemon and grapefruit nuances. An aged hop punch adds a lengthening bitterness to the back. It’s complex but has an air of delicious simplicity.

Like all our beers, Straight to the Poolroom is best enjoyed when decanted off a settled natural yeast sediment at cellar temperatures (10-12°C).

Please see the specific product page for bottle quantities and limits.