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Next Release Friday 1 October: St Abigail 2021, Common Ground Spring Ale 2021, Mountain Rye, Gold Blend #33, Good as Gold Blend #14.

Wildflower Good as Gold

Wildflower Good as Gold


Good as Gold is a bit of a dream beer for us, it's a 50/50 blend of barrel aged Gold, with fresh Gold that has just completed primary fermentation. 

Bottle Details
ABV °P Cellaring
75cl 5% 10.0 5+ years from bottling

This composition of aged and fresh beer is what we had originally intended for our Gold. It didn't end up like that though, as Gold is 100% barrel aged. We love the fresh fermentation esters and bright hop character we get in our young fermentations. But we can't hide that we also love the apparent funk, creamy mouthfeel and complex fermentation flavours of aged beer. We dont think of this blend as being a best of both worlds, but more an attempt (and this is only the first one) to marry these flavours harmoniously. One of the beers that really got me thinking about making mixed culture beers at all was BFM √225. It was the first biere de coupage I tasted and still remains a little bit of a mountain for me. Good as Gold may be made in the same fashion as and with a lot of inspiration from √225 but has a distinctively Wildflower feel. 

Service  Serve at 8-12C into thin walled, tulip glassware. Will develop complexity under cellar conditions for up to 5 years.
Ingredients Foraged wild yeast*, naturally occurring souring bacteria*, malted barley*, raw wheat*, water*, hops and brewers yeast. *indicates a product of New South Wales 

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