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Friday October 5th @2pm- Gold Blend #16, Amber Blend #16, As it Were, Foudre Beer #1 release

Gold - Australian Wild Ale

Gold - Australian Wild Ale



Our homage to the rustic, provincial ales of Wallonia, gold is a medium strength wild ale best enjoyed in good company. Delicately balanced, gold shows notes of pepper, fresh hops, lemon zest and stone fruits. The palate is effervescent and bone dry with a subtle spicy bitterness, pillowy body and developing acidity from the indigenous flora. This beer undergoes a warm primary fermentation by our house mixed culture of foraged wild yeast, naturally occurring souring bacteria and brewers yeast in wide vats before being transferred into French oak barrels for maturation. Barrels are then selected and blended to meet our desired character before being packaged and naturally bottle conditioned for a minimum of 10 weeks for ideal carbonation. Only then do we release this unspiced wild ale to be enjoyed at table with your favourite foods and best of friends. 

For tasting notes and more information on each specific blend please follow matching the link. Blend #1, Blend #3, Blend #4, Blend #5, Blend #6, Blend #7, Blend #8, Blend #9, Blend #10, Blend #11, Blend #12, Blend #13, Blend #14, Blend #15, Blend #16.

    • Service: Serve at 8-12C into thin walled, tulip glassware. Will develop complexity under cellar conditions for up to 5 years
    • Pairings: Delicate fish, acidic salads, provincial foods, fermented vegetables, creamy bloomy-rind cheese, washed rind cheese
    • Details: ABV: 5.0%, 10 P, IBU: 25, 750ml bottle
    • Ingredients: Foraged wild yeast*, naturally occurring souring bacteria*, malted barley*, raw wheat*, water*, hops and brewers yeast. *indicates a product of New South Wales