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Next Release Friday 3 December @ noon: St Walter 2021: Pinot Noir (Kooyong), Tom, Amber Blend #33, Foggy Morning Blend #5.

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Wildflower Foggy Morning

Wildflower Foggy Morning


Foggy Morning is an Australian Wild Ale made with 100% smoked malt from Voyager Craft Malt, Whitton NSW

Bottle Details
ABV °P Cellaring
75cl 4-4.5% 8.5-9 5 years + 

Foggy Morning makes use of Stu and Brad's smoked malt from their smoker during the kilning process. Not wanting to play with beechwood smoked or other imported wood-smoked barleys, like all our beers, it is important to us that this product is uniquely Australian. In contrast to our normal operations of restraint, we look to the icons of this style, the smoked beers from Bamburg Germany and decide to make this beer entirely with smoked malt instead of adding it in as a percentage of the grist. More details in each Batch's specific tasting notes.

For tasting notes and more information on each batch, please following the matching link: Batch #1, Batch #2, Batch #3, Batch #4.