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Next Release Friday 3 June 12noon: OTB8, Gold #36, Serenity #3, Common Ground Autumn Ale: Harvest 2019, June beer box.

Monthly Beer Box

Monthly Beer Box


A monthly subscription box containing 6 x 750ml bottles always with one of each of our newest releases and a 4 pack of Organic Table Beer. Just enough to last until next month. So it's there when you need it.

June 2022 Beer Box - We have four new offerings this month to share with you. A very fruity new blend of Gold, a new batch of How's the Serenity, the second instalment in our Common Ground series and fresh cans of Organic Table Beer. The June box will be sent out from Monday 6 June onwards and will be available for pick-up at the brewery from release day, being Friday 3 June. Enjoy! 

4 pack of Organic Table Beer Batch #8 - 4x440ml cans
1 x Gold Blend #36 - 750ml bottle
1 x How's the Serenity #3 - 750ml bottle
1 x Common Ground Autumn Ale: Harvest 2019 - 750ml bottle
1 x Good as Gold (Blend #16) - 750ml bottle
1 x Henrietta - 750ml bottle
1 x Spelt Beer Batch #1 - 750ml bottle

Note: The June beer box was made available at 8am (Sydney time) on 1 June 2022. All orders place before this time will receive the May beer box. All orders placed after this time and subscribers will receive the June beer box. 

Veggie box, meat box.... Beer Box. Compelled by the fact that all the fruit, eggs, veg and meat we eat at home is delivered to my door, without having to think about it, and loving the fact that it forces me to cook & eat with the seasons and with the extra benefit that all this produce is highly ethically sourced by Shane at The Vege Box and by Feather and Bone... people, provenance and businesses I want to support... oh and mix that up that a number of our winemaker friends who nag (in a loving way) us for monthly shipments of our beer to keep their fridges stocked... Here you have it, a Wildflower Beer Box.

By subscribing to this pack, we'll pack up a box each month containing a 4 pack of Organic Table Beer and six 750ml bottles. Easily pause, skip, cancel, change address, whatever you need, using your customer portal, which you'll setup after your first order. You can also just purchase this monthly mixed pack one-off. Shipping anywhere in Australia is included.

We will update this page leading into the release each month to give you a heads up about what's coming... but here is finally an option for those who want a set-and-forget mixed delivery.

Extra Detail
-The six included bottles will always have a bottle each of that month's release from least available to most available, meaning you'll never miss out. For instance, if we release seven 750ml bottles one month, you'll have most 'rare' bottles included while the bottle that we have the most bottles of won't be put in. This is ensured for subscribers of the Beer Box while purchasers of one-off boxes may have substitutes based on availability of bottles post release. Any substitutes will be reflected on the product page.
-The 4 pack of Organic Table Beer will also always be our freshest batch on offer.
-If we release less than six 750ml bottles in a month, we will choose a few bottles from our cellar to fill up your monthly allocation.
-Your account will be automatically charged on the first of the month.